Old observatory



The observatory was build in the late summer of 2009. It is a Ø2.6 metres glass fibre dome manufactured by Pulsar Observatories in the UK. The main telescopes are mounted on an Astro Physics AP1200GTO mount which is bolted to a concrete pier (Ø25cm). To keep the inside temperature as close to the ambient temperature as possible no insulation has been used. A dehumidifier is installed to ensure that the humidity is low even on rainy days. An old PC is used to control the telescope and cameras during image aquisitions. On cold nights it is possible to control the telescope from inside the house via a WLAN connection and remote desktop.



The observatory seen from the outside.



The observatory at night with the Moon and Mars visible.




The AP1200GTO mount and telescopes (C14, Vixen R200SS and Orion ED80) on the permanent concrete pier.