Observatory construction


Details of the construction can be seen below.


Before the pier was poured a 1m x 0.7m x 0.7m was dug and filled with rebar. The following morning my son found a frog in the hole.


The rebar - and the frog!


A Ø25 cm ventilation tube was mounted vertical in the hole and then the concrete pouring began (without the frog!).



'J-bolts' were made from Ø12cm threaded iron bars and positioned correctly in the concrete to allow the pier plate to be mounted later.


After the concrete was dry, the framing of the floor was begun. The floor was mounted on a foundation made by filling 1m deep holes with concrete. Under the floor a plastic membrane was used to avoid moisture from the ground to enter the observatory.


The walls are coming up.


The walls are nearly finished. The roof rails are now mounted. The holes around the 10x10cm supports were filled with concrete.


Another view.


Now the roof is mounted. It rides on 6 weels on the U-iron tracks.


And another view.


The observatory seen from the inside after the roof was finished. Note, the floor isn't touching the pier to avoid any telescope vibrations when walking in the observatory. Tubes for cables are passed under the floor to two corners of the observatory.



A view towards the roof rails.


Now it's nearly finished. I just need to paint everything.

And here it is! Can't wait for first light!